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Not all home energy Assessments are created equal. Energy audits are provided by a wide variety of companies selling products and the recommendations often look like the product they are selling.

The fact is, anyone can call themselves an energy auditor. Energy Smart Homes uses state of the art diagnostic tools as appropriate to complete a Comprehensive Whole House Performance Energy Assessment and individualized plan for your home and family. The results are based on what your home needs. No more. No less. A quality assessment should not have an audit price that is hidden in higher repair costs or biased toward the sale of any one particular product.

We Guarantee professional energy assessment services which accurately reflect the energy efficiency needs of your home. For our clients who have unusual circumstances and specific problems we also offer an array of Optional Services and Reports.

A Quality Assessment Should Include:

  • Blower Door Testing
  • Tectite Analysis
  •  Infrared Camera
  • Manometer Room to Room Diagnostics
  • Smoke Test
  • Energy Bill Analysis
  • Watt Meter testing of appliances as necessary
  • Examination of your whole house as one system
  • Contractor’s report
  • No product bias

Testing before and after repairs to verify the work has been satisfactorily completed and that you have healthy ventilation in your home.
Two week reporting allows the auditor time to do a thorough and complete analysis of your home. Reports can be provided within 24 hours upon customer request.

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