Optional Services and Reports For Missouri Homes

Optional Services

Optional services and reports are available to meet your specific needs.
• National Association of Home Builders Green Certification for energy efficient retrofits and remodels. Follow your energy audit to reduce energy and water consumption and have your home certified Bronze, Silver, Gold or Emerald by this nationally recognized program. 80% of home buyers would choose to buy an energy efficient home over other in the market. “Green Certified” documents and verifies your home’s energy efficiency and demands added value.

  • Computerized energy model to predict your energy savings and payback to help you make repair choices.
  • Quality assurance and test out diagnostics to verify contractor results when repairs are complete.
  • Duct blaster testing to quantify duct leakage and repair results.
  • Consulting services to help you through the repair process or a remodel. It is very cost effective to incorporate energy efficiency into remodeling plans and conventional contractors do not have the training, knowledge, expertise or interest in energy efficiency retrofit construction. We do and we can help.
  • Assistance with energy efficiency loan programs to help you get the money you need for repairs. Let us know if you have financing needs.

Optional Report

Our Expanded Consultation Report includes photographs, infrared images and documentation detailing each condition discovered during our energy audit. Repair recommendations are expanded to provide specific repair materials and energy efficient building component recommendations. We will provide a consultation session to assist you with repair choices, evaluation of costs and contractor recommendations.