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1.  Anyone can call themselves an auditor whether they are certified or not, experienced or not.  Energy Smart Homes’ auditors are BPI certified Building Analysts and Envelope Professionals with years of experience in the field making us building science experts. We have solved energy efficiency problems in hundreds of homes of all ages, sizes and types of construction.  Sub-contracted by the Department of Natural Resources, we have spent time providing quality assurance checks on energy efficiency repair work performed by contractors throughout the state of Missouri.  Our education, knowledge, experience and problem solving talents makes Energy Smart Homes your number one choice.

2.  Are all audits the same?  Many competitors only audit what is necessary to sell you their product cutting corners on the full energy analysis of your home.  Our audit will always be a complete Whole House Performance Energy Audit unless you choose a lesser service.  We are dedicated to providing you the most comprehensive audit in the industry and not to selling you insulation, furnaces, air conditioners, windows or any other product.  A Whole House Performance Energy Audit will always be a top to bottom, inside and out examination of your home that includes a Tectite blower door test, CAZ safety testing, IR camera investigation; room by room pressure diagnostics, cantilever/attic/crawl/garage connectedness to the outside, duct leakage, moisture, ventilation, and energy bill analysis.

3.  Energy Smart Homes has one goal in mind…what are the most cost effective repairs to make your home an energy efficient, comfortable, safe and healthy place to live?  We aren’t biased toward any particular product or service and we will steer you away from those that won’t solve the problem in your home.

4.  What should your repairs cost?  Homeowners can get taken by unscrupulous contractors.  We’ve caught them in the act!  Insulators charging twice the going price, siding salesmen falsely representing their insulating product with a much higher R-Value, energy efficient products that don’t live up to their energy savings claims, — just to name a few.  With our price and product guidance, you are protected from price gouging and false promises.

5.  Free audits aren’t free.  You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”?  The cost of a “free audit” is typically hidden in the price of the product the company sells.  Furthermore, companies pushing their products typically cut corners when performing an audit.  Companies failing to provide a comprehensive examination of your home will give you false, biased results, leading you to spend money in all the wrong places.  By keeping the audit separate from the repairs, you can trust Energy Smart Homes’ recommendations are based on a thorough, accurate, unbiased audit.  Discernable buyers know exactly what they are paying for and exactly what they are getting with Energy Smart Homes.

6.  Energy Smart Homes saves you money on total audit and repair costs.  Our contractor referrals offer competitive prices to our customers passing on a savings to you.  At the end of the day, you will spend less on the total repair and audit cost – prices below our competitors whose number one goal is to push their products.

7.  Want to DIY to save on repair costs?  Energy Smart Homes knows the right materials and installation trade secrets to help you do the job right.  And, unlike our competitors, we will share that information with you so you can keep the costs down!

8.  We are a certified Department of Natural Resources Contractor, Ameren Electric Value Added Partner and Laclede Gas approved contractor.  The Home Performance with Energy Star program provides quality assurance over our audit.  As voluntary participants in this program administered by The Missouri Botanical Gardens, we submit to random evaluation of 20% or our audits. You can trust Energy Smart Homes knows their stuff!

9.  Our customers are 100% satisfied with our services and we are dedicated to keeping it that way!  Angie’s list and BBB think we’re great!  …Real customers with real nice things to say about us.

10.  We’re the SMART choice!

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